The Stick & Mr. Pig:

The Case of the

Missing Marbles


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We Make Kids Books That Are Best Read Together.

We make kids books that are best read together. They're chock full of colorful art and great lessons.  

Put your kid on your lap, or snuggle up at bedtime and spend some time reading The Stick & Mr. Pig.  They'll learn some new words, laugh a bit and you'll get to talk with your little ones about telling the truth.

PLUS - you get to pick your ending!

All the Goodness.

Adults tend to think that kids are LESS, when they're really MORE.  Kids are smarter, cleverer, kinder and more fearless than we imagine.  

It's time to give our children that credit.

Come with us.  Make all the goodness.  

Ettie from Erie



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Ettie from Erie

It’s Here!

Ettie is our newest book series.  Ettie is the coolest little kid you'll meet.  Everybody knows when Ettie's out on her pink bike that a new adventure is afoot.  She's fearless, courageous and focused.  Best of all, she doesn't care about winning or losing, only doing.

If you're ever riding your bike down Main Street in Erie, Pennsylvania, you may hear the echo of Ettie's sweet voice calling out her motto: Life is for Doing.


Kindness is a Butterfly

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We also make books BY kids.

Marin, our resident ten-year old, created this book from

scratch. Words, art, and the 3D-printed butterfly, all hers.

She would like you to practice kindness.  So would we.